bringing Ceylon tea to North America!

ADS Distributions takes pride in bringing of one of the most prestigious Ceylon tea to North America.

Ceylon tea

bit of history

Although tea was originally cultivated in China, the climate and soil composition in the central regions of Ceylon made it a perfect place for tea cultivation. The tea brewed from the leaves is the best evidence that reveals its quality and taste. Ceylon tea was considered as the cleanest tea(no pesticides and other chemicals that are usually found in tea) available in the market according to EU Surveillance Report in 2017. Different areas from the highland to the midland of Ceylon tea has its own flavor, aroma, and color.

Luxurious Ceylon Tea Experience

ADS Distribution is the exclusive distributor of A.F Jones in North America.   A.F Jones is proud of the rich heritage and reputation that has been the cornerstone of its business. It is constantly striving for excellence in servicing its valued customers. Its long-standing experience enables it to provide customized tea-based beverage solutions to cater to a varied range of customer preferences.

who we are

ADS Distributions takes pride in bringing of one of the most prestigious Ceylon tea to North America. AF Jones produces one of the best tea varieties from Ceylon with high-quality tea leaves. We function with recognized standards and policies in order to provide quality assurance & food safety.We strive to improve the same by conducting continuous reviews on our quality management systems.


Our Business Philosophy

“We strive towards providing quality Pure Ceylon Teas to our valued customers throughout North America, catering to a spectrum of tastes. Our team of motivated professionals adheres to rapidly changing international food safety/quality assurance standards by carrying out continuous reviews of the quality management systems and implementing improvements to our production facilities and processes. We strive towards meeting our customers’ needs and maintaining the quality of established standards. Our prime objective with equal importance is to maintain consistency and have on-time shipments to our customers throughout North America. With setting these high standards we shall continue to provide a quality of service that has been the hallmark of Jones’ strength in a century of service par excellence.”

Some of Our Ceylon teas
Royal Ceylon Tea

Royal Ceylon

Blend No. 04 has been selected from the original blends that were formulated by our Founder Arthur Fredrick Jones way back in the early 1900’s. after careful analysis of the disparate tastes of people who enjoy s “really good” cup of tea around the world, this blends was selected by our master tea tasters as the most suitable for the most discerning tea drinker.


Earl Grey

Blend No. 96 is a strong full bodied tea selected from the low elevational tea gardens of Ratnapura and Galle districts of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), perfumed with Bergamot that leaves a distinct floral after taste.- 25 Foil Sachets – 25x2g (50g)



Blend No. 51 is a light and soothing herbal infusion consisting of meticulously selected Chamomile flowers. This blend is pleasant and aromatic with a fruity flavor that lingers. – Contents : Chamomile Sachets Net weight : 25x 1.5g (37.5g)